Product Features

Recieve tips

Screenshot from > Profile
Screenshot from > Profile

Create your own profile with profile picture, cover photo and user bio. All tips you publish will show in your profile feed.

You can also see statistics based on your tips history. Stats are broken down in peiod, sport, leagues, odds etc.

You can choose in your settings if you want the profile to be public or private.

Share tips

Screenshot from > Newsfeed
Screenshot from > Newsfeed

Share your knowledge with the betmanager community. Get noticed and gain new followers by posting betting tips.

Choose event, bet type, odds, bookmaker and stake. The stake can be from 1-10 units (where 10 is max. bet).

Other users can like, comment, copy and share your bets.

Follow users

Screenshot from > People
Screenshot from > People

Betmanager is used by a large portion of the professional sportsbettors. Follow the best performing users based on the stats provided on their profile.

Use our discorvery tools to discover new users. Serach be general performance, performance on individual sports or the amount of followers (which usually is a good indicator).


Screenshot from > My Statistics
Screenshot from > My Statistics

Bettracker is Betmanagers own accounting system. It's like an advanced spreadsheet.

Enter your bets in bettracker and keep track of your performance.

With Bettracker you're allways in controll of your bankroll.

  • star_rate Betting spreadsheet with automatic settlement
  • star_rate Easy bankroll management
  • star_rate Advanced statistics
  • star_rate Statements for all betting accounts
  • star_rate Download spreadsheets and stats as xls/pdf