Our story

Betdog was founded in 2010 by Stian Flage as an accounting tool for sportbettors that let's you keep track of your bets controll your bankroll. It was started as a better alternative to using excel spreadsheets. Later there has also popped up more web based accounting tools. Betdog has been used by thousands of users across the world to manage their bankroll since.

In 2015 work started with building betdog into something bigger. The idea behind Betmanager was to make a social network for sportsbetting that makes sharing and following tips easier.

Before Betmanager, Twitter was the main channel for sharing tips. Given the format of twitter, this was never ideal for sharing tips and you never really knew how well the user posting tips had been doing in the past. This is the problem Betmanager want's to solve.

With a personal profile, features for following users and checking their stats of previous performance takes it to a new level. The accounting system from Betdog was also implemented as a seperate feature inside Betmanager (renamed bettracker).

Development has been made by founder Stian Flage togheter with with Copenhagen based Dream Hub Studios as well as ukrainian freelancers.

Development began in December 2015 and the product will be launced to the public in early 2017. At the moment we are beta tesing with a group of users. Betmanager AS is based in Oslo, Norway.

Bankroll management and keeping track of your own performance is the key to suceeding with sportsbetting.
- Stian Flage

About the founder

Stian Flage
Founder & Managing Director

Stian Flage has a background from Travel and Tourism and later over a decade in the betting industry working as a trader for Nordicbet, Bet24 and Bet365.

Founded Betdog.eu in 2010 and later Betmanager.com in 2016

Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Telemark Univercity College

One of Scandinavias most sucessful sportsbettor, with positive results 10 years straight. Has a yearly turnover of over €1 million and a average ROI over +13% the last 3 years.

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